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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

VNII NP-225 grease

Characteristics. GOST 19782-74

VNII NP-225 is mainly used for protection of threaded connections for the temperature range — 60°С up to +250°С for aluminum anodized alloys and up to 350°С for stainless steels, it can also be used for low-speed heavy-duty friction units at the temperatures from minus 40°С up to +300°С.

Warranty period of storage of lubricant VNIINP 225 in a container with preservation of characteristics 2 years from the date of manufacture, but in practice it is possible to store and longer.
Analogs: Nycolube149, Molykote 50/50, Castrol Grippa 60S, Nyco Grease 67.

Specifications VNII NP-225

Index name VNII NP-225
Compliance with classifi cations NLGI 0
Compliance with classifications DIN 51502 KsiF00U-60
Thickener Inorganic
Dropping point, °С, not less than
Penetration at 25°С, mm·10−1
Corrosive effect on metals Pass (3 hours, 250°С)
Tribological characteristics on 4 balls machine at (20±5) °С, N, not less than:
— Welding load
— Critical load
— Scuff index





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