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Complex supplies for industrial companies

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«Syners®-B» is a plastic lubricant, which is a homogeneous smooth ointment from white to yellow synthetic, water-soluble.


The temperature range of application for the «Syners®-B» lubricant is from +10 to 70 degrees Celsius, for a short time up to 100 degrees Celsius. Lubricant is intended for use in cold metal processing processes: punching, calibration, drawing, rolling, etc.


Lubrication is applied to the surface of the workpieces in various ways: by brushing, brushing, feeding by a central lubrication system. After the end of the molding of the product, the residual grease from the surface of the metal is easily removed by washing with tap water, (preferably soft) without the use of organic solvents and technical detergents. After drying, the surface of the metal is ready to be coated.


The lubricant «Syners®-B» is corrosion-resistant. Parts coated with grease are stored for several months without any signs of corrosion under normal operating conditions (temperature 10-30 degrees C, humidity up to 90%).
The viscosity of the lubricant during storage increases (possibly stratification), but it easily returns to a viscous-flowing state with mixing by improvised means (spatula, paddle, screw agitator, building vibrator).


The density of the lubricant is 1.12-1.15 g / cm3, the viscosity can vary in the range 10-100 Pa * s (100-1000 St), depending on the content of the thickener. Lubricants with a certain viscosity can be manufactured according to the customer’s request. Waste grease is biodegradable and after dilution is amenable to bio-cleaning. Solutions of lubrication in water at concentrations of 5-15% can be used as lubricating and cooling liquids.


Lubricants are explosion-proof, non-toxic, there is a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion. Cases of skin irritation when working with lubricant is not noted. Persons working with grease should use cotton overalls and gloves. If grease gets on the skin, wash it off with water.





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